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Using the Right Landlord-Tenant Attorney Can Save You Money

Sep 21, 2021

Landlord-tenant law is a part of real estate law. A landlord tenant attorney works within the relationship between renters of property known as tenants and owners of properties known as landlords. Landlord tenant attorneys can represent tenants or landlords. A common reason to use a real estate attorney is to draw up legal contracts and documents. Their law specialty involves helping renters retrieve security deposits from their landlord or on the opposite end of the scale, drawing up leases for landlords.

Hire a Landlord Tenant Law Firm for Tenant Representation

Are you dealing with an infringement on your tenant rights and maybe even facing eviction? You need an experienced landlord tenant attorney on your side. They can fully represent your specific interests in an administrative agency or court proceedings. You can count on the fact that your landlord will be represented by an attorney, so you should have a landlord tenant attorney protecting your interests too.

Landlord Tenant Lawyers Know the Law

Most of the time tenants have fewer resources to protect their rights than landlords do. They must rely on Federal laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Housing Act. States also have laws that protect tenants’ rights in regard to rentals. The law alone cannot protect you, but having a landlord tenant attorney by your side can.

There are many laws set in place to protect tenants’ rights. They set responsibilities and rights for tenants and landlords, termination guidelines in regards to lease agreements, and outline how evictions should be handled. A top landlord tenant attorney New York City, NY residents trust knows the ins and outs of specific laws for the state of New York where they are licensed to practice.

Landlords Need Legal Representation So They Fully Comply with the Law

landlord tenant attorney also has the experience to represent landlords for a vast array of dispute matters for housing. Your interests as a landlord will be fully covered whether you are a small property owner or a large management company. Put your trust in the experience and knowledge of a landlord tenant attorney who fully represents your interests.

Use an Attorney with Experience on Both Sides

It may seem odd to use a landlord tenant attorney since they represent both sides, just not for a single case. Their experience gives them a much broader angle in which to effectively handle disputes between landlords and tenants. The litigation experience they have gained also gives transactional clients the benefits needed to protect them against common pitfalls. You could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars using the legal services of a landlord tenant attorney.

Contact an Attorney Today

Find out if a landlord tenant attorney can help you with a legal dispute. Contact their office to schedule an appointment. A caring real estate law attorney can help you learn how to get the results you want.


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